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Sick of your severely under-powered factory drum brakes? Sick of them becoming almost non-existent after going through mud or water?

Well look no further!

We bring to you a precision CNC milled, BILLET stainless steel brake caliper adapter bracket for your Toyota! And it's totally Australian Made! It will never rust and you don't need to waste time painting them.

These brakes are seriously tough! They are the biggest, cheapest, easiest and the best on the market. You will not be disappointed. Already over 15 sets sold to a variety of customers


Current supported models:

  • Most Hilux models from 1980's (Will fit an n70, can't confirm later models)
  • Surf & 4runner

Will probably fit a vast variety of vehicles. If you're unsure, you can firstly check your distance between the 2 studs on your backing plate flange. You need a dimension from centre to centre (or over one stud, into another) of 78mm

If required, I can 3d print or email you a to scale model to print on paper to check.


The tight dimension (no clearance) is 190mm from centre of hub to proudest point on caliper. So an inner rim diameter of 385mm is ideal.

If required, I can 3d print or email you a to scale model to print on paper to check.

What about my handbrake?

Ok, so I have been working on developing a solid, reliable and affordable kit for a little while now. I started with trying to use the ever increasingly hard to obtain Subaru L series calipers with built in handbrake - but just could not get the handbrake to work to a point where I was satisfied (let alone for customers when selling a kit) So in conjunction to developing the rear disc brackets, I have also developed a transfer case handbrake kit for quite a few models of hilux etc now. They are far superior to any conventional individual wheel drum handbrake system and can will be on the market very soon!

What you get:

  • 2x Billet brake caliper brackets
  • 4x High tensile zinc plated caliper mounting bolts & spring washers
  • 2x Brake banjo bolts (m10x1) & 4x Copper washers

What you also need (LINKS BELOW):

  • Nissan GQ/Y60 Front calipers (single piston) (88-99)       $182.00 (NEW)
  • Nissan GQ/Y60 Front brake pads to suit above caliper   $20.00 (NEW)
  • Nissan GQ/GU/Y60 Rear rotors (315x16mm)                    $74.00 (NEW)
  • Nissan GQ/Y60 Front brake lines (preferably braided)    $53.00 (NEW)
  • Brake pad anti-rattle clips (if using new calipers)           $20-40 (NEW)

                                                                                               TOTAL: ±$350.00

Also depending on what model car you have you will need a 1" bore master cylinder. An 80 series or 120 Prado series master works in most applications. I have been told by others that the rear discs work fine with the factory LN130 Master cylinder - though I changed mine for an 80 series master and booster anyway and the brake pedal feel is alot better than the factory master and booster. So, ill leave it up to you, but if in doubt its definitely worth upgrading and is quite an easy job.



Brake pads


Brake Lines

Anti-Rattle Clips EBAY

Anti-Rattle Clips PARTSOUQ 

There aren't any of these kits stocked in AUS (especially at a decent price), so you can use the above link (which I bought) or alternatively or if link is NLA, search for "patrol brake pad fitting kit" - You'll find something

The OE part number is 41080c7126






Brake Bias:

So depending on many variables (weight of vehicle, utility or wagon, weight distribution etc) you may need to play with the brake bias or worst case add a proportioning valve into the system. In most cases, you can play with the load sensing proportioning valve which is at the rear of the vehicle. By lowering the arm down, that gives less pressure. 


We are solely the supplier of goods. These are intended for 'off-road' use. We take no responsibility for any faults to do with installation of the product or any on-road legalities. Please take your car to a licensed mechanic if you do not know what you're doing or are not comfortable with undertaking this job.